Give your guests the creative power to be street artists. Let them paint, doodle, draw, color, graffiti and even animate on the walls of buildings, tents, huge stretched fabric, cars or just about anything, without doing damage. Our Beam Team of artists and instructors, will empower guests with a wireless iPad ready to Digital Graffiti. Through the magic of Video Projection Mapping, we project, in real time, the guest's interactive, spontaneous and collaborative work of art on the surfaces above them. Their creations in huge bright colors, their art on the walls. We can also combine a live performance by our professional Digital Graffiti artists with an open session for guests, making the night our canvas.

Digital Graffiti trending around the world:

If you do not have a blank wall for Digital Graffiti, Project The Idea has the perfect solution, "The Garage Door" a 10ft X 10ft PVC wall for an indoors or outdoors Digital Graffiti Experience.