Below are samples of a projection mapping show on a Halloween home, live VJ Projection Mapping at Ball & Chain in Miami FL and Morada Bay in Islamorada Florida. For Morada Bay, MAPD Collective created a scaled down version of the Deliria/Golem 2012 Astral Festival stage to "Wow" the audience with an evening of brilliant colors and rhythmic music. Using the extreme staging technique of heightening and wrapping the stage with stretch fabric and mounting a high lumens projector to a palm tree, we "Projected The Idea". For the Ball & Chain Music Festival we mapped the world famous Pineapple Stage transforming the curves and depths with video mesh warping. By combining video mapping, VJ and audio visualizer software, MAPD Collective created musically interactive scenes for each one of the sponsors and the performing bands songs, flipping between freestyle video mixing and an auto visualizer to create an evening that not only made the audience groove, but stimulated them with a kaleidoscope of color and 3D video mapping amazement.  We achieved these spectacular cost effective evenings simply by "Projecting The Idea" !

The videos below show a step by step of the projection mapping set up and repurposing of the stage in Islamorada, excerpts from projection mapping of the Pineapple Stage at the night club "Ball & Chain" in Miami and Halloween projection mapping on a private home and more:

This concept can be take to an even larger stage as demonstrated by the Deliria/Golem 2012 Astral Festival stage:

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