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Welcome to Mouse Jam's QuickTime Test Page.

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!!Get QuickTime Pro, Get it on Disk, Get it with a manual, see the bottom of this page!!

Test 1. The original Mouse Jam, featuring Pangea. We are now using QDesign streaming audio for our rhythm section. The rhythm section file is a 44.1 / 16 bit stereo file converted with QDesign Music codec at 24Kbits/sec. The original file was roughly 40 megs, QDesign music brought it down to 777k. The file sounds great, streams without buffering and would be even smaller and very acceptable if we went with 22050 / 16 bit mono or even 11KHz / 16 bit mono. (This test does not work on 68k Macs)

Note: The Pangea rhythm section recording is the original music that we based our 1996 Mouse Jam midi / mov files on. We actually worked backwards in those days, using what we call the most acceptable QT sounds. We would recreate the rhythm section part in midi / mov format. But now, with QuickTime and the QDesign Music Codec, you can hear what the musicians actually created. To hear the difference click on the Plugged Mouse button on Pangea's jam page, this will bring in the old page with the rhythm section part as a .mid file (cleaned up for Windows) or click on the words MJAM to hear the rhythm section part as a .mov (midi) file. The none rhythm section parts have been left at 22050 and 11khz 16bit using IMA 4 to 1 compressed .mov files.

Test 2. The music of ED CALLE, a jazz saxophonist on the labels CONCORD VISTA and SONY LATIN JAZZ. Ed Calle is one of the most recorded sax players in the world. Ed has recorded with pop and jazz greats Gloria Estefan, INXS, Chick Corea and many more, just to drop a few names. The recordings on this page make a great comparison of QDesign Music codec and REAL. The QDesign sound quality and very little buffering at 28.8 modem speed is just amazing. (This test does not work on 68k Macs)

Test 3. A Webscore. This page demonstrates an audio clip speaking the words "Built on a Macintosh" triggered by midi.
It is also a demonstration of midi sounds as sound effects and the use of space or no sound behind a web page.

Test 4. Another Webscore. The same as above, but we triggered the spoken phrase "Mouse Jam welcomes you" We used midi to speed up and slow down the voice to raise and lower the pitch. We also threw in some sound effects.

Test 5. Another interactive jam. But, this time Thomas Worth took the midi triggered audio concept to the extreme (shown in test 3 & 4) and created the amazing rhythm section to DreamFluid.

Test 6 Created by James Bisset , this is one of the coolest jams ever! Using QuickTime 4.0, Flash 3 and QDesign. "Refresh Your Love" can play in a Web Browser or it can break out of the box and play in the QuickTime Player. No QuickTime controllers are used, it's all Flash Fun!!

Test 7 We took Ed Calle's song "Spanish Rose" and "Strut" (featuring trumpet great Arturo Sandoval) ripped it from Ed's "Twilight" CD using QuickTime Pro 4.0. We converted the AIFF 44.1 / Stereo file to mp3 (128kbs), using SoundJam (free version) and posted it at created a Lo Fi version at 24kbs for us. You can type the URL for the song "Strut" directly into the QuickTime player (the URL is huge, but it works). iTunes is a better choice.

Last . The obnoxious shorted mouse. This was a 78k file sitting on our hard drive with no place to go, using QuickTime and QDMC he was squashed to 39k justifying his existence. (The sound does not work on 68k Macs)

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