Mouse Jam

MOUSE JAM is an interactive music jam, no talent is required, just click like a MAD PERSON.

You will need the latest version of QUICKTIME and the QUICKTIME PLUG-IN, loaded into
Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer (including the AOL browser), to make it JAM.

If you need to find out if your computer has the correct version of QuickTime,
click the question mark:

QT ??

(please read)

1. Scroll down this page and click on ENTER.
2. Pick a Jam.
3. Let the Jam page fully load, it shouldn't be long, depends on your modem speed.
4. Scroll down the jam page, make sure you can see the controllers.
5. The RHYTHM SECTION part will play automatically and loop.
6. Your job is to click on the CONTROLLERS that are above the
RHYTHM SECTION controller (as you click, the music will mix itself).
7. If you click the RHYTHM SECTION controller it will stop, this is very handy if someone starts talking to you, but makes for a crummy jam. Once they stop bothering you, click it again to start and get back into the groove.
8. The sounds might be a bit choppy the first time loading, don't fret, this will stop once the page is fully loaded.
9. Have fun!

(Controllers on this page do not work, they are instructional graphics.)


Controller Instructions

(this is fun)

QuickTime Controller Instruction

If you see "Special Guest", CLICK ON IT, to see who is sitting in!

The Jam Starts Here

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Created by Clifford P. Walker & Dorian Reyes